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Leverage our expertise to drive your next project's success.

Project Support

Your Project Requires Special Attention

Managing day to day IT needs is one thing, but when it comes to projects that require a unique approach and specific expertise, that's a different story.

IT projects can be time-consuming, costly, and may slow your business down if not managed properly from start to finish. Too many businesses wait till a crisis hits to call in experts. You don't have to wait till something goes wrong to get the help you need.

You can have the right expertise and vendor support in place before your project even starts.

Why Us

Extensive Experience And Customer Service

An IT project needs so much more than just technical expertise. Sequel Data Systems delivers the intangible project benefits of customer service, communication, and great relationships with most software vendors. This means you'll experience a high level of support from us while also leveraging great relationships with software and hardware vendors to get the attention your project needs.


Our experienced consultants hold the highest certification levels for every product we sell.


We are completely committed to the clients we serve and follow through on every project with fierce loyalty.


We base our solutions on the leading technology from Hewlett-Packard, VMware, 3PAR, FalconStor and many others.


We help you manage your risk by implementing security and privacy by design.

Hybrid IT

We help you integrate all your in-house and cloud based services.


We help you manage and modernize your IT architecture.

Renewal Services

We help you track your warranties, service contracts, and software licenses in one location.

Improve The Way You Do Business

Reduce Downtime.
Increase Profits.

When your IT needs are met you can focus on the important side of running your business. You can reduce downtimes, improve customer service, and increase profits.

A Partner Who Always Picks
Up The Phone

Experience relentless customer service and fast response times. Sequel Data Systems meets you where you are and helps you achieve more.

Quality Service

We focus intently on the quality of our work and maintain high standards for our staff. So you know you're getting the best outcome possible on every deliverable for your project.

Close The Capabilities Gap

Get back to the work you want to do.

With the technology landscape continually changing, the needs of your users are outpacing the resources you have available. You need to find a way to close the gap between what you're responsible for delivering and your internal capabilities.

With the right partner, you can take on more challenges while staying resilient, adaptive, and efficient.